5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Company

Not A Professional Window Cleaner

Living in Vancouver, you get used to going weeks at a time without ever seeing the sun. In the spring, when there is a rare appearance, it can certainly be a little disheartening to see all the grime on the windows and know that there is a whole weekend in that glorious sun that is going to be given up to knees knocking together as the old ladder is pulled out to get those second floor windows that are so hard to reach.

All that misery can certainly be avoided by getting regular professional quality cleaning from your local window cleaning company. Back in the day, Mom would not have approved of hiring someone else to do that kind of work around the home, but times have changed.

  1. House Construction has changed. Houses have much more complicated rooflines and overhangs making it downright dangerous to clean your own windows. A professional window washer will have all the right tools and safety gear to get the job done right.


  2. Professional window cleaners have insurance. Don’t ever let anyone work on your home without proper insurance and proof of that insurance. That being said, a professional window washer will have insurance to protect himself, his business, and his family in case of injury and proper insurance to protect your home in case of damage or injury to you.


  3. Dirty, grimy windows cannot be cleaned properly with some glass cleaner and a rag. Have you ever seen a professional do it that way? The reason he doesn’t, is because he has invested in the proper tools to do the best job possible. If you hire someone who wants to use a spray and a rag, you hired the wrong person.


  4. Having professionally cleaned windows will improve the amount and quality of light coming into your home. Windows that are not cleaned regularly and properly are often hidden behind shears or blinds of some sort. Diminishing your daily dose of sun and natural light can contribute to feelings of depression and even worse can lead to medical conditions such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).


  5. Cleaning your own windows can take days in some cases, whereas a professional window washer can often take care of the same job in a very short time. This frees you up to do other projects or activities that you actually want to do and enjoy.

Window cleaning is not one of those tasks that people want to undertake. But, windows cleaned properly and regularly look fantastic and can really set your home apart. Paying for a professional to clean windows for you is an investment, not an expense. Over time it will cost you less. Also you will get to enjoy the added benefits of a nice clean home.

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