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5 Great Reasons To Be A Contractor

Tired of the job and the boss?  Do you feel like you have more potential than you get credit for at your 9 to 5?  Do you just need to be able to make more money?  Starting a simple business as a contractor may be the way to go for you. Let’s start by figuring [...]

Why TradeCompete


I have nearly 3000 customers and I figured that if all my customers are looking for various types of contractors, then so must millions more.  Let’s face it, we have all gone to the yellow pages or done a Google search at one time or another for some type of contractor.  So I had the [...]

Am I Hiring A Contractor Or An Employee

Throughout the years, I have had many employees work for me.  On occasion, I found that I was busier than I could handle even with my employees and needed some help.  I have a friend who is in the same business as me, but has only a part time employee since he is a smaller [...]

How To Ensure A Great Roofing Experience

It’s time to replace that roof.  Joe just did down the street and it looks great.  It has been on for about a month and now I want to get mine done.  What should I do?  Should I use Joe’s guy?  It is a lot of money. Should I go with the cheapest quote I [...]