Welcome To TradeCompete… So Happy You Could Come!!

Well, we finally got here.  It was a lot of work, but I think it was all worth it.  I hope in time, you will feel the same.

TradeCompete started as an idea.  Like most ideas, I got a starry glaze in my eye and envisioned a future world where everything was perfect.  Contractors all completed the projects they worked on a day earlier than they had put on the work order and they were always under budget.  Deficiency lists were a thing of the past and everyone agreed that it was all due to TradeCompete.

Upon waking up I realized I might have taken it a little far.

But, let me let you in on what I do see for the future after 15 months of planning.

Often, when I was working at one of my customers houses, I would be asked, “Do you know anyone that can…(fill in the blank)?”  I was asked about roofers, painters, landscapers, electricians, plumbers…. You get the idea.  It finally came to me that everyone is looking for a good contractor at some point to do some project.

That is what is.  It is that place you can go and leave your information about exactly what you need and are looking for and we will send you those people or businesses that specializes in what you need.

That is who we are.  A Company devoted to getting you what you need.

Thanks for checking us out.

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