Why TradeCompete

I have nearly 3000 customers and I figured that if all my customers are looking for various types of contractors, then so must millions more.  Let’s face it, we have all gone to the yellow pages or done a Google search at one time or another for some type of contractor.  So I had the brilliant idea to create a site where project owners could post there jobs in great detail, and contractors could see those jobs and all the details about the project and really be able to cater to their specialties.

Is it a new idea? No.  But we have made it better than the other services that are doing something similar.

What makes me think we are different?  Here is a list of things that I have noticed.

  1. We are not a directory service with a sign up fee or any type of recurring payment to use our services for the project owner or the contractor.  In fact, we give every contractor there first lead for free.  We do not collect any financial information from our contractors.
  2. We do not assign projects to contractors.  We allow the contractors to go through all the information on hand about the project and decide if they want the project.  No more automatic charges to your credit card for projects that do not match your specialty or is not in an area that you work in.
  3. We guarantee that contractors will not have to pay for bogus leads.  If the project owner can not be contacted through any of the means provided by the project owner within 5 days of when the contractor purchases a lead, we will credit back the contractor upon verification.
  4. All projects are 10 points.  The current cost of a point is between 80 cents and $1.00.   We figure, why complicate it.  Everyone can afford $8 to $10 dollars for a great customer.  It is much cheaper than nearly all other forms of advertising in almost every case and we are putting you right in front of the customer that wants exactly what you do.
  5. We will answer emails and phone calls.  We want to hear from everyone that uses our service, good or bad, and make it the best option for project owners and for contractors.

It is simple and it is straightforward.  No trying to talk anyone into signing up for anything.  Once you are properly registered, then you will be automatically alerted by a single email within a minute of a matching project being posted that there is a potential customer for you.  No obligations at all.  We are determined to keep it simple.  If you have any suggestions to make it easier, we would love to hear from you.  We are here to work for you. Works For You.

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